Living in a Capsule

Rent in NYC is stupid expensive. My brother and I had always been brainstorming creative ways to get a cool place to live for really cheap. Ideas included submerging a steel tank in the east river with a secret entrance that looked like a manhole. Albeit less cool, I ended up doing a derivative idea where I got a hold of a plastic drain culvert and turned it into a couple of capsule bunks in the back of the office, which was totally awesome.  I added a memory foam mattress, speakers, and lighting and saved nearly a year of rent. It was like a double-wide coffin, but comfortable enough that my girlfriend would even stay over occasionally. I would have lived there another year, but the accountants in their suits and ties started coming in at 6 am, which was rather awkward. Eventually, I got a 388 sq ft apartment around the corner, which was a mansion compared to the capsule.

Maximus Yaney

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